Episode 28: The System We Call Church

Welcome to episode 28 of The UnSunday Show. At its core, The UnSunday Show is a podcast about the system we call church. To a very large extent, this system has come to us via church history, religious tradition, and theological distinction, not from the New Testament. Mike talks about that system we’ve inherited in this episode. He also makes an exciting announcement about the future of The UnSunday Show. Push Play and join the conversation.

Photo by Bill Oxford on Unsplash

4 thoughts on “Episode 28: The System We Call Church

  1. Hey Mike, I listened to your episode on the system we call church and I thought it was good. I’ve did my research on Tyndall and what a committed servant he was and that he was put to death because of his belief in this word “church” makes it more profound. When I left the institution In 2018 it has be very liberating for me, but for family members who are caught up in religion they just can’t understand.i pray that God will bring more people into the true knowledge of “his” word.thank you for your faithfulness to the truth

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    • Lisa, thank you so much for stopping by and taking the time to write. I empathize with your experience. I have come to such a clearer understanding of so many things since leaving that setting. It’s sad we have to leave to see it more clearly and even to be able to talk about it freely and openly. I too pray that many others will find freedom in Christ apart from religion. That’s the only real freedom. Thanks so much for your comments.


  2. May I ask a question. I was just wondering in regards to people having prayer meetings in their homes. Should these meetings be primarily for believers or can anyone attend. My thinking would be only for believers but I’m not sure. My sister attends a church and the month of Feb they are not having Wednesday nite service so the pastor encouraged them to have prayer in their families but my concern is not all know the Lord.
    Could you please give me some insight.


    • Hi Lisa. My personal take is that people are free to do as they wish. I know every family is different. I don’t think decisions like this should be legislated. Someone may opt to go to a movie instead. I think it’s a matter of personal preference.


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