052 | The Pitfalls of Professional Christianity

Welcome to episode 52 of The UnSunday Show. Let’s talk about some of the pitfalls of professionalizing Christianity and relegating our time together to the professionals we’ve hired in our institutions and relying on them to do what all of us should be doing. The body of Christ suffers in this scenario because it’s impossible for every member to function and exercise their spiritual gifts. It also assumes one person in the assembly is more qualified to participate than the others and it creates a false level of separation in the body of Christ we call clergy/laity.

2 thoughts on “052 | The Pitfalls of Professional Christianity

  1. Hi Mike. I really enjoyed your podcasts. It is refreshing. Even though I have been a believer most of my life I just learned the full difference in old covenant vs. new covenant from a pastor in Lubbock TX who came to Houston one day to speak. His name is Andrew Farley. That was about two years ago and he has been my pastor ever since even though his “church” is in Lubbock and I’m in Houston. He has a call-in podcast and his demons are online. Last Sunday he taught on 1 Timothy 3 in his series on a “Healthy Church”. Would you please listen to it and help me resolve any obvious confusion I am having? https://youtu.be/pmC7qpTr91k


    • Hello David, Andrew is a great guy whom. Love and respect. He has a great grasp on the New Convent and the gospel of grace. What specifically is your question? As with all of Andrew’s stuff, I enjoyed the video you referenced.


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